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Few Words About Us

We are a youth association in which our members are university students (bachelor, masters, and doctoral) with an interest in game development and adjacent areas. 

Our core goal is to create an environment that enables non-professional game developers to improve their skills in game development, accelerate their ideas with other enthusiasts, and to participate in projects with established institutions and companies to improve their portfolio.

What we offer

We offer to our members a platform that brings together industry experts, professional tools and resources, as well as other game developers that look forward to creating and publishing their own titles.

Our Community

Our community is composed of mentors that share their experience and knowledge with our members in several game development subjects (e.g. business, programming, modelling, concept art, and marketing), Also, we establish a network of partners and sponsors that grants access to industry-graded tools, resources and services that improve the quality of our teams’ games and introduces our members to state-of-the-art technology.

The outcome

Each of our teams works in collaboration with our mentors and partners. By exposing our members to industry processes and technologies in a relaxed yet productive environment, we intend to help our members to grow and expand their game portfolio.

How We Function

We operate in several multidisciplinary teams with three distinct types of projects. Firstly, we have short-term projects called game jams and other competitions where our members represent GameDev Técnico and explore new concepts and ideas while improving their problem solving skills. Secondly, we incentivize our members to participate in medium to long-term projects that emerged from small ideias or internal pitches. These projects allow them to get acquainted with development methodologies, to understand the game design process from conception to publication, and to collaborate in medium sized teams. Lastly, we create partnerships with other parties to create opportunities for our members to work alongside well-established institutions and companies. These projects involve multiple stakeholders, with hard deadlines and milestones that require good project management skills and teamwork.

We are open for partnership

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Meet Our Team

To manage our ever growing group of members, GameDev Técnico has several coordinators to manage its internal resources and processes, as well as to manage our social networks and communication with external entities.

André Antunes

Executive Production

Paulo do Ó

Executive Production

Fábio Sousa


José Caetano


Daniela Machado


Jorge Nunes


Paulina Wykowska


João Patrício


Eduardo Barrancos

Community Management

Manuel Guimarães

Community Management

Nuno Ramos

Community Management

Eduardo Espadeiro


Maria Gomes


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