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About Us

We are a youth association in which our members are university students (bachelor, masters, and doctoral) with an interest in game development and adjacent areas. 

Our core goal is to create an environment that enables non-professional game developers to improve their skills in game development, accelerate their ideas with other enthusiasts, and to participate in projects with established institutions and companies to improve their portfolio.


We offer to our members a platform that brings together industry experts, professional tools and resources, as well as other game developers that look forward to creating and publishing their own titles.

Tools & Resources

Our network of partners and sponsors grants us access to industry-graded tools, resources and services that improve the quality of our teams’ games and introduces our members to state-of-the-art technology.

Projects & Opportunities

From game jams that can last from a few days to a few weeks, to internal projects that emerge from the members' ideias or internal pitches, to external projects in partnership with well-established institutions and companies, there won't be a shortage of opportunities to build up your skills and portfolio.

Featured Projects

GameDev Técnico has several projects currently in development. These range from Internal projects that arise from ideas the members come up with during game jams, to projects developed in partnership with external entities and institutions. Aditionally, GameDev Técnico’s members regularly participate in game jams, from which several games have resulted. Below is a sample of some of the projects we are proud of.

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Meet Our Team

Members of GameDev Técnico regularly participate in game jams, engage in the development of internal projects and are a part of events like monthly sessions and game nights. They are passionate about game development and work with others to build up their skills and portfolio.

Carlos Sousa
Rodrigo Gonçalves
Samuel Barata
Maria Gomes


Ricardo Subtil
David Antunes
Mariana Santos
Ricardo Antunes
João Pamplona
Jorge Nunes


Gonçalo Goulão
Sofia Ribeiro

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